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Want to Become a Highly-Rated Project Manager? Build the Knowledge of Vital Concepts Using Certbolt PMI PMP Certification

Competent project managers play a key role in the successful running of a big part of the IT projects. Companies who prioritize hiring such professionals record excellent results compared to their competitors. You may wonder, how they make their choice? The answer is in a visible validation of skills. Thus, today, the PMP certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) has become a standard for picking the most suitable candidates for these responsible and high-paying roles.

The PMP credential is adored by many, not just for its authenticity in the modern-day tech-industry, but the value it brings to many IT departments. Below, we explore the details of this badge including an overview of the basic exam facts, how to become accredited, and the certification benefits.

Why Join the Project Management Sphere?

The demand for project managers is steadily rising. There are statistics showing that businesses will require at least 2 million such certified professionals annually through the year 2027 according to the PMI research. The reputable PMP credential will place you among these sought-after individuals and will even give you an edge over them portraying you as a competent specialist with a deep understanding of the industry trends.

Why Choose PMP?

The PMP badge delivers real value to its holders at any career level. Recently, it was ranked among the best accreditations for project managers looking to advance their skills. With the competitive employment market today, there’s no doubt about the significance of recognized proof of your competence. And the PMP credential can bring you just this.

Attaining the PMI PMP Certification Dumps is more than just a way to verify your competence and ability to perform your tasks efficiently. It will also help you achieve your monetary goals, with many professionals reporting up to a 25% increase in earning potential after they complete their training. In general, this badge can bring you about $106k on average per year as stated at

How to Become PMP Accredited?

Do you boast practical knowledge and skills that can bring dependable results? If so, you might have thought that you can ace the PMP test easily. Well, there are some more requirements for you to meet to get eligible for the assessment. Thus, you can get enrolled in the PMP accreditation path if you satisfy the following options:

· Must have obtained a 4-year degree from a recognized institution

· Completed a minimum of 35 hours of project management training or a CAPM certification

· Acquired a total of 36 months of experience in a role that involves leading projects

Alternatively, you can qualify for the PMP training if you have an associate’s degree or a high school diploma. This option is only applicable to students who havealready acquired a 60-month Practice experience leading projects and 35 hours of education on the subject matter. These prerequisites are so critical since becoming PMP certified is a no brainer if you have the mentioned background.

The Bottom Line

PMI PMP is one of the best-paying IT credentials for 2020 and is also the one that can keep you relevant in an extremely challenging IT world. Many employers treat this certification as a key ingredient that adds value to their companies. Whatever reason you want to pursue a project management career, never underestimate the role of PMP!