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ooVoo - Video chat for FREE!

We all know, by default we cant share our webcam with more than 1 user simultaneously. But, by using ooVoo, you can use your webcam to video chat with 12 users at same time. You can also send and receive video messages and files to other ooVoo users and even send video messages to users who don't have the software installed.




* Video calling.

* Instant messaging.

* Send/receive video messages.

* Share your video with up to 12 users.

* Record and share your video calls.

* Share the contents of your desktop through video call.

* Call friends using ooVoo’s phone calls feature to land phone and mobile phone *.

* Supports Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone platforms.

* Connect with Facebook friends from ooVoo.


oovoo login


oovoo chat



You can visit  and Download ooVoo for absolutely free from its Homepage!!!

NB: Red starred feature available only by purchasing monthly plan or using ooVoo  credits.