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Why it takes a long time for latest Android version to come to your phone?



We all are very anxious to know when we will get the latest android version for our smartphones and tablets. At times we become jealous when our friend’s phone get the update faster, while we are still awaiting one. The zeal to get the new features is something that made the good guys at HTC to tell us what all it takes to bring an android update to us.


Per HTC an android release has to go through several stages as shown bellow:

0-Evaluation-->1-Development-->2-Integration-->3-Certification-->4-Push to customer


What one would think to be a simple develop, test and push process, turns out to be totally opposite. Per HTC there are some 12 steps post which a release is made available to the users for download. The carrier specific software take much longer than the one made available on Google Play or for an unlocked device, which take about 6 steps to accomplish the deal.


So now we understand that the long wait to get our android software is worth because it guarantees that the software is not only defect free but also best suited to work with the device/carrier.


A detailed fantastic infographic detailing the full process from pre-announcement PDK to software download is provided below (courtesy of HTC)




A big thanks to HTC for providing a clear and transparent update process (at least for HTC One phone series).