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Macecraft’s jv16 PowerTools might go Open Source


Macecraft’s jv16 PowerTools has been one of the most popular Windows cleaning tool and has been serving users since 2001.

Per the Developer:

You need oil to keep a car engine running. You need jv16 PowerTools to keep Windows running.

The above analogy is quite true because of the wide range of features/tools provided by jv16 PowerTools:

1. Cleans junk and fixes Windows errors
2. Uninstalls software and removes left-over
3. Tweaks Windows for better performance
4. Makes Windows start faster
5. Improves your online safety and privacy
6. Clears history and MRU data
7. Recovers accidentally deleted files

In simple words, jv16 PowerTools is a one-stop shop for your windows system to keep running smooth and silky.


However, Jouni Flemming, the lead developer of Macecraft Software, made a blog post on going open source. On the likes of popular open source software’s such as Chrome, Android, Firefox, Linux and Unix, Jouni is looking forward to make jv16 PowerTools open source as either GPL or BSD. Although, being a jv16 PowerTools user you may be excited, but Jouni needs your help to do the same.




jv16 PowerTools turning open source is based on crowd speaking.

Crowd speaking is when a group of people send out the same message at the same time to amplify the power and reach of the message.

In jv16 PowerTools case, crowd speaking is done using a free service called Thunderclap. You can join in to speak your mind by connecting your social media accounts to jv16 PowerTools’s Thunderclap campaign, thereby building up on the impact and social reach, as well as help jv16 PowerTools become open source by letting as many people as possible know of the upcoming fund raising.

Post crowd speaking, the next step will be crowd funding to set a goal for funding the jv16 PowerTools’s open source project. Once the goal is met, jv16 PowerTools will be released as open source.


So, if you want jv16 PowerTools to go open source, go-ahead and click on the image below to use your social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to help share this message.




Should in case you have never tried jv16 PowerTools give it a shot right now and download a 60-day unlimited trail by visiting the link below: