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iPadOS 18: Transforming the iPad Experience with New Features and Apple Pencil Innovations


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Apple has unveiled iPadOS 18, a significant update designed to make the iPad more powerful and intelligent. With new features and apps tailored for the Apple Pencil, this update promises to enhance the user experience in many exciting ways. Let’s dive into what’s new in iPadOS 18 and how it aims to take your iPad experience to the next level.

Introducing Apple Intelligence


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One of the most groundbreaking features of iPadOS 18 is Apple Intelligence. This new personal intelligence system leverages generative models and personal context to provide incredibly useful and relevant insights. Deeply integrated into iPadOS 18, iOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, Apple Intelligence can understand and create language and images, perform tasks across apps, and simplify everyday activities. It’s designed with privacy in mind and takes full advantage of the power of Apple silicon and the Neural Engine. This feature will be available on iPad models with an M-series chip.

New Calculator App with Math Notes

For the first time, iPad gets its own Calculator app, but it’s not just any calculator. The new Math Notes feature allows users to type or write mathematical expressions and see them solved instantly. You can even assign values to variables and use a graphing feature to visualize equations. This is especially useful for students learning new concepts or anyone needing to calculate a budget. Math Notes are also automatically accessible in the Notes app, making it easy to keep all your calculations in one place.

Enhanced Handwriting Tools in Notes

iPadOS 18 introduces Smart Script, a new tool that makes handwritten notes with the Apple Pencil more fluid and easier to read. Smart Script smooths and straightens handwritten text in real-time, allowing for quick writing without sacrificing legibility. Editing handwritten text becomes as simple as editing typed text. You can add space, scratch out sentences, or even paste typed text in your handwriting, and the paragraph will adjust accordingly. The Notes app also gains enhancements for typed text, including the ability to collapse sections under headings and use new text highlight colors.

More Customization Options


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Customization takes center stage in iPadOS 18, offering new ways to personalize the Home Screen and Control Center. You can now place app icons and widgets anywhere on the Home Screen, customize their appearance with light, dark, or tinted themes, and even enlarge them for a streamlined look. The redesigned Control Center provides easier access to frequently used controls and allows for the addition of controls from supported third-party apps. Developers can use the new Controls API to enable more tasks, like quickly unlocking a vehicle or capturing content for social media.

Redesigned Photos App


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The Photos app gets its biggest redesign yet, optimized for the larger iPad display. A simplified single view displays a familiar grid, and new collections help you browse by themes. You can pin collections to keep favorites easily accessible and enjoy a new carousel view that presents daily highlights. Autoplaying content throughout the app brings your photo library to life, making it easier to relive special moments.

Improved Messages


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Messages in iPadOS 18 sees significant updates, including new text formatting options like bold, underline, and italics, as well as animated text effects. Redesigned Tapbacks allow users to react to messages with any emoji or sticker. A new feature lets you schedule messages to send at a later time, giving you more control over your conversations.

Enhanced Safari Experience


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Safari, already the world’s fastest browser, now offers an easier way to discover information with Highlights and a redesigned Reader view. Highlights use machine learning to surface key information from webpages, such as summaries, locations, or music tracks. The redesigned Reader view provides a streamlined presentation of articles, making it easier to focus on content.

New Privacy Controls

iPadOS 18 introduces new privacy controls, allowing users to lock and hide apps, manage app access to specific contacts, and pair Bluetooth accessories more securely. These features provide peace of mind, ensuring that your private information stays private.

Apple Intelligence Enhancements

Apple Intelligence also enhances the iPad experience with new systemwide Writing Tools, allowing users to rewrite, proofread, and summarize text across various apps. New image capabilities, like the Image Playground, enable quick creation of playful images. Siri becomes more natural and contextually relevant, and Private Cloud Compute ensures privacy while using AI features.

Additional Updates

iPadOS 18 includes several other updates:

  • Passwords App: A new app to securely store credentials, passwords, verification codes, and security alerts.
  • SharePlay: Improved screen sharing with drawing and remote control features.
  • Freeform: Enhanced tools for organizing and presenting content.
  • Gaming: New immersive features like Game Mode and Personalized Spatial Audio.
  • Calendar and Reminders: Integration of events and tasks for better productivity.
  • Maps: New tools for exploring national parks and creating custom walking routes.
  • Accessibility: Features like Eye Tracking and Vocal Shortcuts for easier navigation.

The developer beta of iPadOS 18 is available now, with a public beta coming next month. The final release will be available this fall as a free update for supported iPad models. Apple Intelligence will also be available in beta on select iPhone and iPad models with M1 chips and later.

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In summary, iPadOS 18 is packed with features that make the iPad more versatile and intelligent. From the new Calculator with Math Notes to enhanced handwriting tools and customization options, this update is set to transform the way users interact with their iPads.