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iBall Splendo PC on a Stick launched for Rs.8999 only

Today we are talking about a great new device which has come into the market, by none other than iBall. This is called Splendo and its a complete PC on a stick. With the size being that of a data-card this device will convert your TV or any display with an HDMI port into a fully functioning Windows device or Personal Computer. Yes you heard it right it will be running on Windows 8.1. Microsoft has launched this device in partnership with iBall.

iBall Splendo PC on a Stick launched for Rs 8999 only



The device is packed with a wireless mouse and keyboard kit as well so it becomes a whole computing platform at Rs8999 only. The device can carry out operations like document editing, photo-viewing, video viewing and a lot of other basic not so processor intensive tasks. It is mainly to be used in a business setting where we can convert a conference hall TV into a device which can be used to play your presentation or quick videos instead of brining in a laptop and doing un-necessary setup.

The specifications for this device is as follows:-

Processor will be an Intel Atom Processor combined with an Intel HD graphics graphic card. It will come with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Additional storage will be provided with a SD-card slot.

It will also have USB and micro-USB port along with an audio port. It will support Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0 communication standard.

This device is actually similar to Asus Chromebit, launched by Google, but well it runs on ChromeOS which is far more limited than the iBall Splendo

At this price point this device seems to be a great deal and will be highly capable it seems. It is coming with Windows 8.1 and does pack some decent amount of power in terms of its specifications. Its specifications seems equivalent to that of a good Android Tablet or a Netbook. I will say if you have that spare cash lying around just go for it. This is the first time, some great device is being launched in India, it shows that India is an innovation hub.