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In this digital era we all have to deal with numerous passwords ranging from social sites accounts , banking accounts to email accounts, online bill payment accounts, Smartphone and what not.


On one hand it is easy to use same password on all the sites, while on the other hand it’s extremely risky to use same password for all. Moreover, passwords should be a mix of alphanumeric and specials characters. So you may end up having a password such as “8e72YxzQ!U+-D+7” – strong but very hard to remember. Therefore, we need to have one or the other password storage application- which could not only store passwords but also have the ease to access them back from all the devices we own such as PC, Mac and Smartphone.


Today, I’m introducing one such tool – PasswordBox.

PasswordBox is an innovative free service that allows you to store, create, retrieve and share passwords and other personal information, giving you greater control over your digital property - during life and after. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you - and only you - can access and manage your digital assets, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Following are the note-worthy features of PasswordBox:

  • One-lick login
  • Express login should in case you have multiple accounts for the same site such as Gmail
  • Encryption / decryption of your data using AES-256 and that too locally on your device
  • Works with PC, Mac, Smartphone
  • Supports all major browsers such as- Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari
  • Automatic sync of your data
  • Includes super-secure password generation utility
  • Legacy Locker facility to let your selected heir access your stored passwords


Usually PasswordBox allows storing up to 25 passwords for free. Anything beyond requires purchasing a premium account which allows unlimited password storage and costs $11.99 per year, billed annually.  However, you can earn a free lifetime subscription with unlimited passwords storage by referring your friends to PasswordBox.


Currently, PasswordBox is offeringa free lifetime subscription given the holiday season. You just have to visit the link below and install the application.


Remember to act fast or you may miss this 14-day limited period offer.