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free East-Tec Eraser 2010 full version license

East-Tec Eraser 2010

East-Tec Eraser 2010  protects your privacy, identity and confidential information and removes all evidence of your computer and online activity.


Destroy all evidence of your online activities

Destroy sensitive data from your computer

Remove cookies placed on your computer by Web sites.

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East-Tec Eraser 2011 home page here

Latest version is East-Tec Eraser 2011 but you can get a Free East-Tec Eraser 2010 now.

Use any of the following links

1. East-Tec Eraser 2010 promotional link 1

2. East-Tec Eraser 2010 promotional link 2

3. East-Tec Eraser 2010 promotional link 3 - 6-month fully functional version

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