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eBook - 50 Common Windows Problems and Solutions Preview


This book covers most 50 most common problems of windows and their solutions. You can see the problems covered in this book below.

Problem #1: Trying to delete a file results in an error that states the file or folder is still in use by another program or user!

Problem #2: My media player says that I am missing required codecs!

Problem #3: I can’t uninstall a program using the default uninstaller or the Windows Add/Remove Software tool!

Problem #4: My computer crashed with a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)!

Problem #5: Windows says that I am running out of disk space!

Problem #6: Windows is missing some apps, like Windows Movie Maker or Mail!

Problem #7: I can’t see my file extensions!

Problem #8: My computer isn’t connecting to my wireless network!

Problem #9: My webcam is plugged in, but the microphone isn’t working!

Problem #10: My favorite website won’t load!

Problem #11: Windows won’t boot, says the operating system is not found!

Problem #12: Windows won’t boot, hangs while loading!

Problem #13: Older programs are not working!

Problem #14: Windows says that I have not activated and/or that I am the victim of counterfeit software!

Problem #15: Text in Windows is grainy, small and/or difficult to read!

Problem #16: Windows says my computer isn’t secure!

Problem #17: Internet Explorer isn’t working!

Problem #18: I have no sound!

Problem #19: My computer automatically reboots to install updates!

Problem #20: I can’t find a file, but I know it’s there!

Problem #21: Windows constantly asks my permission to run a program!

Problem #22: A program won’t start and I receive an error message saying I must have administrator privileges!

Problem #23: My display has a blurry appearance, and icons are larger than I’d expect!

Problem #24: Some 3D games crash whenever I try to play them!

Problem #25: Windows does not automatically sleep or hibernate!

Problem #26: Windows does not give my system the option to hibernate!

Problem #27: When activating Windows, I receive the error code 0xC004F061!

Problem #28: Windows does not detect all of the RAM I have installed!

Problem #29: My computer automatically connects to a wireless network I don’t trust!

Problem #30: Windows doesn’t detect your DVD drive!

Problem #31: Windows Aero Doesn’t Work!

Problem #32: Open Windows unexpectedly snap to the edge of my display!

Problem #33: Upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7 fails at 62%!

Problem #34: My USB device isn’t working!

Problem #35: Windows Vista or 7 is running slowly!

Problem #36: Windows appears to have reverted back to the state of its original installation!

Problem #37: My printer isn’t detected by Windows!

Problem #38: Windows is using a substantial portion my system’s RAM!

Problem #39: Windows loads too many programs when it starts!

Problem #40: I can’t find the Windows Sidebar!

Problem #41: My mouse sensitivity isn’t comfortable and/or the buttons don’t function properly!

Problem #42: Internet Explorer is no longer my default web browser!

Problem #43: An icon is missing from my system tray!

Problem #44: My taskbar is on the right/left/top of my display!

Problem #45: My desktop icons look weird!

Problem #46: Windows Firewall keeps blocking specific software!

Problem #47: My computer will not remain in sleep mode!

Problem #48: My networked computers won’t share files or printers!

Problem #49: My display’s color is off!

Problem #50: My printer queue is stuck and I can’t print any more documents!

This book is delivered in PDF and ePub formats.

This ebook costs $10 and all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF to enhance the lives of children around the world. As an introductory offer, use the code TDB50INTRO (coupon field shown at checkout) to get it at just $5 before the 17th of June.

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