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Android M stands for Android Marshmallow

Just a while back Google had teased us with names for Android M, ie what M would stand for. Some of the names were Marshmallow, Mars Bars, Mango Lassi to name a few. Interestingly Mango Lassi a very Indian name was included maybe as a tribute to Sundar Pichai taking over. But well almost all Indian fans knew that it won’t be labelled Mango Lassi.


List of suggested names were:- 

Malt Ball
Moon Pie
Macadamia Brittle
M & M
Mango Lassi
Mild Duds
Maple Syrup
Molten Chocolate Cake


Finally Google has announced that Android M stands for Android Marshmallow and it will Android 5.2 and not Android 6. People initially thought that Android M will Android  but it was later confirmed to be Android 5.2 via leaked video. So M stands for Marshmallow and a statue showing the Android holding a marshmallow has been installed at the Google Android Garden.



Android M will officially launch in October along with two Nexus devices one from Huawei and other from LG.. Rumoured features include fingerprint scanners etc. So keep your fingers crossed

Android Marshmallow Bootanimation