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YouTube's New Tool to Remove Copyrighted Music

YouTube has introduced a new and improved tool to help video creators remove copyrighted music from their videos without affecting other important sounds like dialogue or sound effects. This new feature, called the "enhanced eraser tool," is designed to act quickly and efficiently.


What is the Enhanced Eraser Tool?

The enhanced eraser tool, previously known as "Erase song," was available in beta but wasn't quite perfect. YouTube has now improved this feature using an AI-powered algorithm. This means the tool can now identify and remove specific songs without changing other parts of the video.

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan announced the improved feature on X, which used to be known as Twitter. He explained how the tool is now much better at removing copyrighted music while keeping the rest of the video’s audio intact.

Why Use the Enhanced Eraser Tool?

YouTube creators often face issues with copyrighted music in their videos. If a video contains copyrighted music, the creator might receive a content ID claim. This claim can restrict the video’s reach, and sometimes the creator can’t monetize the video. The enhanced eraser tool helps creators deal with this problem by removing just the copyrighted music.

How Does the Tool Work?

The tool uses an advanced AI algorithm to find and remove only the copyrighted music track. This means other sounds in the video, like voices and background noises, stay the same. However, YouTube has cautioned that the tool isn’t perfect yet. Sometimes, it might not be able to remove only the copyrighted track.

Caution and Other Options

YouTube has advised creators to be careful when using the enhanced eraser tool. The platform’s support page mentions that if the song is difficult to remove, the tool might not work as expected. In such cases, creators can try other options like muting all sound in the claimed segments or trimming out the claimed segments altogether.

Processing times for edits can vary, and users should avoid closing the browser window during processing to ensure changes are saved. Additionally, if a video has more than 100,000 views and the channel isn’t part of the YouTube Partner Program, the changes might not save.

Additional Options for Creators

If the enhanced eraser tool doesn’t work, another option is to choose "Mute all sound in the claimed segments." This option removes all audio from the claimed parts of the video. Once this is done, YouTube will remove the content ID claim, making the video free of restrictions.


The enhanced eraser tool will be available to all users in the coming weeks. It will be introduced on both desktop and mobile versions of YouTube Studio. This is good news for creators who want to ensure their videos are free of copyrighted music without losing other important audio.

YouTube's enhanced eraser tool is a significant step forward for video creators dealing with copyright issues. While it’s not perfect yet, it offers a promising solution to remove copyrighted music while keeping the rest of the video intact. With this new tool, creators can focus on making great content without worrying about copyright claims disrupting their work.