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Wordpress 4 Beta 2 out.

Wordpress is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular CMS software out there. Although our blog does not use Wordpress, it is no doubt that many others do and it’s a very configurable and popular CMS ie Content Management System out there. Wordpress is a free software and currently is in version 3.x, but a new version 4 will be released soon in the next month.

Wordpress has launched a new beta of its version 4. Its Beta-2 for Version 4 and I expect the next release to be an RC ie a Release Candidate, which is the version just prior to the final version.


Version 4 Beta 2 fixes quite a few bugs. The following are the new features added in Beta2.

1. Refinements to the plugin installation process and to the media library.

2. An updated version of TinyMCE with better list support.

3. Cookies are tied to internal sessions, which means better security.

4. There are over 170 fixed bugs.

Lets also look at some of the new features in Wordpress version 4.

1. Wordpress shows previews of embedded media URLS in its Visual editor. Thus adding Youtube and other videos have been made easy.

2. The Media Library now has a “grid” view in addition to the existing list view. This allows you a larger view of pictures and content you uploaded without closing the modal.

3. Plugin install system has been refreshed. New and addition information along with visual changes will be visible while installing plugins.

4. Selecting a language when you run the installation process.

5. The editor intelligently resizes and its top and bottom bars pin when needed.

6.We’ve made some improvements to how your keyboard and cursor interact with TinyMCE views such as the gallery preview.

7.Widgets in the Customizer are now loaded in a separate panel. (#27406)

8. Changes to some formatting functions.

Please note that Wordpress 4 is still in a beta stage, that is a developmental stage so please do not use it on live or production sites as it may be buggy and may open you to security vulnerabilities. Wait till the next month for the final release. This will also be a good time for developers and users intending to migrate their blog after the release of version 4 to install a local copy and get familiar with it. It will also help developers to test their plugins and themes as well. It seems most themes should work fine as no major changes to the theming framework have been announced.