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Wish n Win - Geekiest Mega Monthly Giveaway Win a $55 worth software or hardware of your choice every month

Wish n Win - Geekiest Mega Monthly Giveaway Win a $55 worth software or hardware very month

Winner Announced Here

Geekiest Mega Monthly Giveaway 2 - Win a $55 worth software or hardware - May 2010 here

The most awaited Geekiest Mega Giveaway event -'Wish n Win'- starts today. As said in the earlier post, this is an unusual concept among the Giveaway contests. We made it more unconventional by some changes in the process.

Unlike other giveaways, in which the product is announced first and the winner is selected at the end, we declares the winner first and gifts him the product he wished.

Straight to the procedure..

All you have to do is to make a wish for a product(or a list of products) which worth 55$ or less including shipping charges (can be software or hardware) and inform us by just leaving a comment in the monthly post regarding the contest.

Simple.. isn't it? or simplest?!


Now the rules..

1. A new giveaway will start on the first day of each month. The last day of the month will be the final day for participation to that month's giveaway.

2. The winner will be declared on or before the 15th of the succeeding month. He/She must respond within 3 days, otherwise another winner will be chosen.

3. The product can be either a computer hardware or a software or an computer related eBook which is internationally available (what we mean is that we should be able to buy it for you from India).

4. You can suggest more than one item but the total cost should be $55 (includes the shipping cost too, if any).

5. One person can post only a single comment (per month). Multiple comments will lead to disqualification. But you can multiply the counts by the following ways:

    (a) Tweet the following message and add the link to your tweet in the comment. Your entry will be counted as 3 (1 for the comment and 2 for the tweet).

Wish n Win, Win a software or hardware of your choice worth 55$ every month @geekiestnet #giveaway #GMMG

    (b) Follow geekiest@twitter (Enter your twitter id in the comment). Your entry will be counted as 3. [plus the above method will make your entry counted as 6]

    (c) Mention each month's giveaway as independent posts in your blog and add the link to your comment which will be counted as 5. [plus the above two methods make your entry counted as 11].

post all the above links or details in one  comment, so we will make your entries multiple at the time of the lucky draw. Once again remember Multiple comments will lead to disqualification.

6. The winner has to find the place where he can get the product(s) The shop must be a legal one. No auctions are accepted. Should be trustful too.

7. The will have authority to decide the winner. Also the will have the right to change or disqualify a winner(in case we found any issues with the winner).

8. Any doubts or suggestions regarding the contest should not be asked here but you can discuss it in this thread in our forum.

You can use, OpenId, WordPress, FaceBook, twitter or intensedebate to login and comment. Or just by entering Name and Email address. Make sure that the email address you are using is correct, we will be contacting you on that email address if you are a winner.

Wondering what kind of products you can wish, see some examples below (They are just examples, you choose your own)


02-04-2010 8-16-44 AM en-US151_Arc_Mouse_Red_ZJA-00002 02-04-2010 8-31-32 AM

en-US151_Ntrl_Kybd_Elite_A11-00337 rb-boxshot NOD32V4HEBox

en-US151_IntelliMouse_Explorer_3_B75-00113 PD11Box_low en-US151_LifeCam_VX_3000_68A-00001

 kav2010_eng_big en-US111_Streets_Trips_2010_B17-00492 en-US111_AutoCollage_2008_NWA-00003 en-US151_LifeChat_LX_1000_JTD-00001

And many more

This may be the lucky moment.
A wish can make you a winner of $55 prize.
Do it!