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Wise Disc Cleaner – Free Disc Cleaner and Defragmenter

Wise disc cleaner is a powerful portable app that let you clean your drives and defragmenter. Disc cleaning and defragmentation should results in your system speed and performance and this app lets you makes it happen with simple steps.



* Cleans temp files,history and cookies from your system.

* Removes junk files such as from recycle bin,recent documents,temp files and log file.

* ’Slim down’ mode help you to remove lot of extraneous object including wallpapers and other windows files you may never use.

* Defragment your disc drives to free up the space allocated for temp files which results in system performance and speed.

* Fast and Easy to use.

* You can search by specific extensions for the files you want to delete.(For advanced users).

* 100% Free.






You can download Wise Disc Cleaner, a powerful app to clean your system drives and defragmenter for free from its Homepage.