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Winter Olympics 2014 – New recipes on IFTTT


IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service which will allow users to connect their channels like Twitter, Google Plus,  Facebook etc together using profiles named recipes.

As the Winter Olympics 2014 starts, IFTTTT joined with ESPN is offering some new recipes, which will help you to connect your channels with the results. Below you can see some of the recipes.

Winter Olympics 2014–recipe 1 on IFTTT

This will tweet automatically on your behalf, when ever your country wins an Olympic medal. Similarly you can find two more below

Winter Olympics 2014–New recipes on IFTTT 

You can create your own recipes, some thing like 

Here are the triggers available for the Winter olympics

New Olympics top story

New Olympics story from search

New Olympic medal by country

New Olympic Gold medal by country

New Olympic Gold medal and world record

You can use any of these triggers and select what IFTTT want to do. I just created one

If new Olympic Gold medal and world record then create a link post on Facebook