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Windows theme for Bicycle lovers - Bicycle Ride theme

Bicycle Ride theme

Bicycle Ride theme is a cool beautiful Windows theme which is having 9 beautiful wallpapers which you can see below. If you are a Bicycle lover you will love these wallpapers and this theme. The wallpapers are by the Photographer Yang Ming-Huang who clicked these pictures during his Bicycle tour around Taiwan.

嘉南平原稻田 (The rice fields of the Jianan Plain)

咖啡店花園的植物 (Plant in a cafe’s garden)

七股鹽山 (Qigu Salt Mountain)

往佳樂水的路上 (The downhill leading to Jialeshuei)

恆春路邊的小貓 (The meow on the roadside,Hengchun,Pingtung)

墾丁大街上販售的夾腳拖鞋 (Colorful flip-flops sold at KenTing)

穿越蘇花公路上的隧道 (Passing through the tunnels on the Suhua highway)

蘇花公路 (Suhua highway)

台東市郊稻田 (The Rice Fields at Taitung City)

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