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Windows Phone 8.1 leaked screenshot shows status bar toggles and notifications, called Action Center

A new leaked screenshot from the upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update, shows a status bar, which is very similar to the one seen on Android and other platforms.


Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center



The notification bar shown in the screenshot was one of the slides from a confidential Microsoft presentation, and has been named Action Center. Similar to the Android’s notification bar, the Action Center can be accessed by swiping from the top of the screen.


The buttons on the top are the toggles for services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth. A shortcut for “All Settings” is also seen below the toggles. Pulling down further on the Action Center will reveal notifications from apps. The notifications can also be cleared away, by pressing on the button which says the same.


Windows Phone 8.1 Action Center (zoomed in)



The Verge also have an exclusive photo which shows the new Action Center on Nokia Lumia device.


Microsoft recently announced that they plan to update all Windows Phone devices 8 to 8.1. Prior to this, no Windows Phone device has ever received a major firmware update, making 8.1 all the more important for the users who will definitely love the growing support for their beloved platform.


via WMPoweruser, Images: WinPhollowers