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Windows 10 Mobile ROMs for OnePlus 2 and Xiaomi Mi 5 reportedly in the works

Windows 10 Mobile ROMs could be released for the OnePlus 2, the unannounced OnePlus 3 and the recently launched Xiaomi Mi 5.

Xiaomi Mi 4 Windows 10

The news comes from China's social network, Weibo, in the form of a chat between a Microsft official and some user.

This not remotely surprising at all, as we have seen Microsoft officially releasing Windows 10 for the Xiaomi Mi 4. last year, also in China. The Redmond company's chief of Windows, Joe Belfiore said that he was using the 2014 flagship phone himeself.

And yet, even after the launch of Windows 10 for computers, seven months ago, in late July 2015, Microsoft has not even released Windows 10 Mobile. Nevertheless, it is a very welcome move to see Microsoft working on the operating system for newer flagships. This does indeed discredit rumours about Windows Phone is dead.There is no word on an ETA as to when Windows 10 Mobile will be officially released, and hence there is no word about the ROMs of it either. And considering that the OnePlus 3 will only be launched in July this year, this news is indeed very surprising.

But I think we can safely assume that Krish will test the Windows 10 ROM on his OnePlus One, when the firmware is released.

via: Windows Central

source: IT Home