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Winamp development can be back on track

Winamp more coming soon

Winamp was the most famous audio player on PCs once. The application is first developed by Null Soft and later acquired by AOL. On November 20,2013 AOL announced that Winamp to Be Discontinued from December 20, 2013. Belgian online radio company Radionomy bought this product.  After that the home page of the product web page got redesigned saying “Winamp, there’s more coming soon”.

As of now you can only download the version 5.666 from their forums. You may also download Winamp for your Android devices too from the same forum link given below.

Winamp tweeted on 17th September 2015 that it is looking for a senior C++ developer and Platform Manager.

Even though the home page is redesigned one year before, the company could not release a new version of the product after that.

Vivendi, the company which owns Dailymotion  bought two third of the shares of Radionomy, the company have a history of supporting products well.

On the official forum Winamp team says

There will not be any new Winamp releases until some point in 2015. Exactly when, we don't know, as there's a lot of work that needs to be done on all of them to provide the first non-AOL releases of Winamp. More detailed info can be found in various posts within this thread....

Regarding launch of new version and other updates read more on this thread.

There hasn't been a development team. Although Radionomy certainly had goals and ambitions to release an updated version of Winamp, they have not had the resources to afford to do so.  There will be a small release some time in early 2016. There will not be any new features; this release will be just be a small update to replace or remove software libraries that were not transferred during the sale (such as Gracenote).

Says Ben Allison, Former Winamp Developer.

We believe that the wonderful audio player will comeback again to its glory under the new company.