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WileyFox to update all its devices to Android 7.0 Nougat, after the Cyanogen OS debacle

UK based OEM, WileyFox, has announced its plan to update all its devices to Android 7.0 Nougat. The news comes via a reddit thread, where a user who contacted the British manufacturer.

Wileyfox spark plus

The company's live chat team confirmed to the user, that WileyFox is looking to update all of its devices to Android N, after the Cyanogen OS debacle. In cse you missed it Cyanogen Inc is now defunct, and all of its services including the open source project, CynogenMod, and its OEM exclusive partnership software, CyanogenOS, which powers devices made by WileyFox, the OnePlus One and some devices by Micromax YU. While the latter two, have moved on to their own Android custom ROMs for their latest devices, WileyFox looks set to follow them. The representative from WileyFiox, while mentioning that the comment does not represent that of Cyanogen itself, did make it clear that Wileyfox’s operating system will stick to vanilla Android, and that its software will evolve. This is pretty good news for their users.

Meanwhile, we found some bad news for other devices which run on Cyanogen OS. A former developer from the Cyanogen OS team, has advised users to disable OS updates now that tge /IS is gone for good, and that doing so will prevent silent installs of bloatware or other shady stuff.