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Who is your Twin ? - application and website

You think some one looks like you, like some celebrities , sports persons etc. ? Microsoft releases anew application for the windows phone users which will help you to compare two persons and find the similarity between them. TwinsOrNot is an application powered by Project Oxford.

You can either upload photos or can search for a specific photo on Bing and use it.

Who is your Twin

You can get the Windows Phone application from this link.

If you do not have a Windows phone and want to check, you can use this website, to check it.

Project Oxford provides Face APIs, Speech APIs, Computer vision APIs and Language understanding Intelligent service. In the TwinsOrNot application and website the Face API is used.. you can also have a look on the how old net website which will tell you how old you look. You can even upload a group photo and find how old each of them looks

how old you look

Here is from the official announcement

We’re inviting Lumia users to help us improve the technology behind TwinsOrNot by allowing us to keep their photos. Images are stripped of identifying information, such as location, and are used to train and improve Microsoft’s computer vision and related services.

If you don’t allow us to keep your photos, no problem–uploaded images are kept only for the duration of the session and any associated data is automatically deleted within 24 hours.

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