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WhatsApp and Gmail crossed 1 billion accounts

WhatsApp crossed 1 billion accounts

WhatsApp, the multi platform instant messenger founded in 2009 and later acquired by Facebook on 2014 is now claims that they crossed the 1 billion mark. After 7 years WhatsApp have 1 billion active users. The numbers are not just installations or accounts, it is the number of active users who are using their account at least once in a month.

WhatsApp added calling facility last year and expecting a video calling facility soon.

The announcement can be read on the official WhatsApp blog here

Gmail crossed 1 billion

Now here is another 1 billion accounts news, this time from the Gmail, the email service from the search engine giant Google which started in 2004 as an invitation only service. There are some other services by Google which are crossed this mark before, they are Search, Chrome, Android, Google Play, Maps, and YouTube.  Gmail reached the 900 million mark on the May 2014.

Unlike the WhatsApp Gmail did not mention whether the number is of the active users or just the number of accounts used.

Google is trying to re-enter China, the biggest market, if that happens another billion accounts will not take much time Smile