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What is ig story viewer and reasons to use this service


What is ig story viewer and reasons to use this service

Sometimes we really don’t want to get noticed when we are spying on someone else’s content. For example, while watching your ex-partners’ stories or just observing your business competitor’s content. Some people just don’t want to use the app. It’s pretty normal when you just want to observe the vanity fair without taking part in it. However, Instagram is a great platform that contains variable content, so you can’t ignore it if you want to stay updated and informed. This is the reason why you should consider using Instagram stalker. Ig story viewer by Toolzu will provide you with the opportunity to watch Instagram stories privately and unnoticeably. It is a true life saver for those who can’t use the app for their reasons, for example, because of being blocked. In this article we will reply to the most frequently asked questions about the service and show you all the advantages of it.

No more fake accounts

If you want to watch someone else’s content anonymously there is only one way to do so on Instagram. You will have to create a fake account. And if you don’t want to pretend to be some nail salon or local shop, you’d better get the stalking service. With a fake account your identity isn’t fully protected, especially if you have your fake account connected to your e-mail or phone number. In this case anyone can easily find out that you’re the owner of a fake account while trying to login with the use of your nickname. With Instagram story viewers you won’t have to be afraid of your identity to be revealed. You can watch it anonymously without signing, your browser will be automatically protected. The owner of the account you’re spying on won’t see you in the viewers’ list.

You can use any device you want

Instagram stalker is a web service, so you don’t have to worry about its compliance with your device. You can watch the content from both Iphone and Android. Even your personal computer will be okay, in this case you will be able to watch the content on a big screen.

Safety is our priority

Instagram can be really dangerous for children, because there is a lot of content which is harmful for young minds. We strongly recommend using the service if you’re a parent and you know that your children have their own Instagram account. With the help of the service, you will be able to watch what your child is up to on the app. You can observe posts and stories without getting noticed. So that you will preserve the trust of your kids and make sure the children use Instagram in a safe way.

Free of charge

You may have a question if this service is free or not, because usually for something which is that useful and user-friendly you have to pay. However, Toolzu Instagram stalking tool is absolutely free. You don’t have to pay for the content you see and you can download it for free as well.

Business purposes

Story viewer is a good tool for business. Especially when you lack inspiration and feel like spying a bit on your competitors. Of course, it won’t be really nice if your rivals find out that you’re watching their content as well as you wouldn’t want them to get inspiration from your ideas. That’s why using a stalking tool is vital not to get caught. What is more, using the tool is much more convenient, because it gives it all at once. Using it is much faster than searching for your competitors on Instagram one by one.

To summarize, Instagram story viewer is an incredibly useful tool for those who want to excel in business and improve their social media experience. Instagram stalker gives you a huge advantage over other Instagram users, because you can stay anonymous and all your data is protected by the service.