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Watch Launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Live Free and win prizes


By joining Code Project Tech Summit 2010 (Free) you can watch the launch of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 LIVE (Las Vegas Conference Keynote) on APRIL 12th, 2010

By watching you can win lot of prizes like,

Win a Free Zune 16 HD from Microsoft

Lots of Free Products from out SPonsors, like: Free 30-Day Evaluation Edition of the SLP Online Service from InishTech: Software Licensing and Protection

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Speakers includes

    • Bob Muglia, President of the Server and Tools Business
    • Doug Seven, Senior Product Manager for Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft
    • Tony Goodhew, Product Planner for Visual Studio 2010
    • Sam Gazitt Product Manager in the Developer Tools Group (DEVDIV);
    • Jason Beres, VP of Product Management, Community, and Evangelism, Infragistics
    • Robby Powell Group Product Manager & Keith May, Director of Development
    • Arthur Haddad; Software Architect and Senior Development Lead

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