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Visual Studio Themes

Visual Studio Themes

Visual Studio supports changing the color theme of it to have a better look for your developer environment. You can create your own theme by customizing a theme (you can create a copy of the theme and customize it

copy and edit visual studio theme

But website named StudioStyles have a huge collection of Visual studio themes. It also helps you to create your own themes very easily.  What you will have to do is click on an item and choose the color you wanted to use for that specific element.

I have created one theme for me which you can see here. If you have any suggestions to make it better I will be happy to do it Smile. I have tried it on Visual Studio 2013 and it is working fine.

So check for themes and/or create your own theme and share it with others on Studio Styles

You can also check our previous post here which also have some more links to other tips for visual studio customizations.