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Visual Studio Dev Essentials–Adds USD300 Azure Credits and Xamarin University Access for FREE

Visual Studio Dev Essentials–Adds USD300 Azure Credits and Xamarin University Access for FREE

Here is a good news for the Microsoft Visual studio developers. Last November Microsoft announced Visual Studio Dev Essentials. This is a special membership program for the devlopers which will give access to special tools, services and training courses. The most atractive part of this is that it will be 100% free. This program is for all kind of programmers including Android, iOS developers. Here is what Microsoft says

Over the past 75 days more than 400,000 developers have signed up for the program to take advantage of deep technical training from Pluralsight and Wintellect, as well as development tools, cloud services for team collaboration, OS downloads, mentoring and support.

Microsoft is giving


Visual Studio community

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Team Services

Azure – $25/month (That’s enough to run a D2 Windows Virtual Machine for 95 hours a month, or try out an A3 HDInsight Cluster for 24 hours. These credits can be applied on top of the free options offered by many Azure services.)

Windows Platform VM 60 days Trial

Parallels Desktop Pro edition 3 months subscriptions

Parallels Access 3 months subscriptions

Training & coaching

Pluralsight 3 months subscription to full catalog

Wintelect 3 months subscription access to all catalog

Xamarin University  mobile training (get started building native iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps using.NET and shared C# code through exclusive on-demand access to Xamarin University course recordings and materials. )

Microsoft virtual academy access

HackHands live programing help credit worth $25

MSDN priority support forum access (you will get answer with in 48 hours for sure if the community did not answer your question)

When the Visual Studio Dev Essentials Microsoft informed that the Azure credit and Xamarin university mobile training will be added earlier 2016. Now you can access these tools and training too.

Watch the video below for a better idea about the membership program

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