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Visual Studio 2015 versions and Price

Visual Studio 2015 versions and Price

Microsoft announced the versions and Pricing of the new Visual Studio 2015.  Unlike the previous Visual Studio 2013, 2015 will have only 3 version available, Microsoft combined the Premium and Ultimate versions to Enterprise edition. They versions available are

Visual Studio Community 2015

Visual Studio Professional 2015 with MSDN

Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with MSDN

The below image will give you a basic idea comparing 2013 versions.

Visual Studio 2015 versions

The features included in each products are listed below

Visual Studio 2015 versions comparissons

Visual Studio 2015 versions comparissons Visual Studio 2015 versions comparissons

For detailed comparison you can check this page


Visual Studio 2015  Community edition will be free to use. while the Professional edition will be priced $1,199 and enterprise edition will cost $5,999 for new customers. Enterprise edition renewal price will be $2,569 and for Professional edition it is $799.

If you want to buy or renew MSDN subscription Microsoft has few offers

Buy or renew Visual Studio Premium with MSDN now and be automatically upgraded to Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN when they release Visual Studio 2015. For the price of Visual Studio Premium with MSDN, you will get Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN

Upgrade from Visual Studio Professional with MSDN or Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN to Visual Studio Premium with MSDN for 50% off the regular list price and get a free upgrade to Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN automatically when we release Visual Studio 2015.

Read more about the version and prices here

So will you, developers upgrading ? and which version you will be using ?. As the new Windows 10 and Windows 10 for phones supports universal application, it will be easier to develop appliations for PCs and Phones using the new Visual Studio 2015.