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Use Skype without an account to make calls, video calls, one on one chat, group chats and more

Skype is probably the oldest VOIP service out there, and certainy the most popular one. While its rival services like Hangouts, Duo/Allo, Viber, WhatsApp let you make calls and video calls or IM with your friends, Skype is one of the few which lets you do so from a web browser.

Skype for web guest

And now, the Microsoft owned service, has announced a new feature for Skype on the web. You can use Skype without an account to make calls, chat and more. Basically this is a guest mode, which you can use for chatting, calling, etc with your friends, even if they don't have a skype account.

How to use Skype without an account to make calls, video calls, chat, etc

1. Visit
2. Click on the "Start a Conversation" button.
3. Enter your name and hit the "Start a Conversation" button.
4. This will load a screen, with a unique URL for your guest account.
5. Copy this URL and paste it to any email or chat (in third party app), and send it to your friends or family.
6. They simply need to click on the URL, to join the conversation.

Skype for web guest 2

The Skype for web guest account offers a few customization opions, and lets you make video calls, voice calls, chat, group chat, send emojii, files, etc, which the  regular Skype account can do.

The catch here is that the guest mode conversations, automatically expire after 24 hours. You and your guests in the conversation can leave it any time too.