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Universal Viewer -A free advanced file viewer

Universal Viewer is an advanced file viewer with wide range of formats supported. It is fully Unicode-compatible and can be integrated into the context menu of Windows Explorer and other popular file managers.

The view modes and the supported formats are as follows:
-Text, Binary, Hex, Unicode: any files, of unlimited size (even 4Gb+ sizes are allowed)
-RTF, UTF-8: RTF and UTF-8 encoded texts
-Image: all general graphics formats: BMP JPG GIF PNG TGA TIFF... plus all formats supported by IrfanView/XnView external viewers
-Multimedia: all formats supported by MS Windows Media Player: AVI MPG WMV MP3...
-Internet: all formats supported by MS Internet Explorer: HTML PDF XML MHT...
-Plugins: all formats supported by Total Commander Lister plugins
-MS Office: all file types of MS Office (if installed): DOC DOCX XLS PPT...
-Converters: some types can be viewed as plain text: DOC DOCX PDF PPT ODT...




Highlights of Universal Viewer are:
 -Built-in functions of several plugins: images, multimedia, webpages view
-Support for multiple codepages: ANSI, OEM, EBCDIC, ISO etc.
-Support for text converters for DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF etc.
-Support for user tools
-Toolbar, status bar, other interface improvements
-Auto-reloading of file on changing, "Follow tail" option
-Displaying of line numbers
-Displaying of non-printable characters
-Combined Unicode/Hex mode (call Unicode mode twice)
-Modern RegEx search library
-Print preview
-EXIF viewer

You can also use plugins called lister plugins in conjunction with with Universal Viewer, develped by 3rd parties. Universal Viewer is a freeware and the add-on Navigation Panel is shareware.

The purpose of Navigational Panel add-on are:
-showing Explorer-like window;
-commands "Delete", "Copy to folder", "Move to folder", "Rename", "Send by email";
-running user-defined tools;
-running text converter for Office files;
-registering of MS Office control (note: when NavPanel trial period will expire, program won't display MS Office files anymore).

The Universal Viewer freeware and the lister plugins can be downloaded from the official website.