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Unify Communications, Streaming and Media Sharing through QNext

Do you think that the time has reached to try a new messenger with more options? Then QNext must be your first choice.

It is an integrated communications suite with instant messaging, voice and video chats etc. It has secure file transfer capability for any size, music and photo options and allows remote access to your PC too. It is a cross platform application which works with Windows, Mac, Linux and Mobile devices.

The UI of QNext is designed to show the basic features only. Additional options can be selected through context menus.

Just create an account after the installation, which is very simple. After that you can add your IM accounts and create folders for sharing files. Network setup and hardware detection happens automatically. 

A particular aspect of QNext is that the other person, with whom you want to share files need not have to install it. It can be shared through browsers, via a url just like Opera Unite. But a secure file transfer needs QNext on both ends. Also the speed of file transfer  depends upon the speed of the network.

Main features can be summarized as below:

  • 8-way voice and 4-way video conversation
  • Photos and file sharing at any size
  • Secure file transfer
  • Listen to yours and your friend’s MUSIC from anywhere
  • Instant remote assistant from others
  • Synchronization of IM and Email contacts in one place
Read more details and download it from the official website