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Two free eBooks for photographers - A Photographer's Guide to Depth of Field and Capturing Motion at Concerts

First of all you may participate on our giveaway of Transcending Travel – a Guide to Captivating Travel Photography by DPS if you are interested.

Here comes two Free guides for photographers.

1. A Photographer's Guide to Depth of Field



What is Depth of Field?

Why Worry About Depth of Field?

Why Worry About Depth of Field?

How to Apply Good DOF Principles to Your Photos?

What About Camera Presets?

This is from Light Stalking. You can download it from this page for free.

from that page

A Photographer's Guide to Depth of Field is our first photography guide and we're giving it away absolutely free. No catches, no tricks - just hit the download button and get it on your desktop now..

And it will be good if you can share this on Twitter, FaceBook or on your website.

2. Gift from Fro Knows Photo


You will get the “ Guide to Capturing Motion at Concerts” along with an audio book, bonus audio track and a cheat sheet.


Capturing Motion at Concerts

Camera Settings

File format setting

Camera Mode



Focus Settings

Shutter Speed Settings


Cheat Sheet - Print it out fold it up or cut it up and keep it in your bag

Recommended Equipment

It includes a PDF guide and two mp3 files.

To get it, subscribe to the Fro Newsletter, go to enter your name and email address in "Join fro" on right side. Confirm your email and you will receive an email with the download link.

Read more and watch the video here

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