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Two Windows 7 themes - RSS feed (Flowers, Lotus)


This Windows 7 theme uses RSS feed to get images for wallpaper. We have posted one Microsoft Official Windows 7 theme which used RSS feed to update the wallpaper - Bing Windows 7 theme that updates automatically through an RSS feed.

I used flicker RSS feed for Flowers and Lotus, these images are uploaded by Bahman Farzad. For the theme Krishna I have used a collection of images added to my Picassa (from Santa Banta, dadhich, India vilas etc)

Download the theme and unzip it

1. Download Flowers Windows 7 theme (RSS based)


2. Download Lotus Windows 7 theme (RSS based)



Open it by double clicking, it will open a window like below


Click Download attachments (this will save the wallpapers to your hard disc).

If you also would like to create this kind of RSS based Windows 7 themes, here is How to create your own RSS based windows 7 themes on