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Twitter got a new design

Twitter got a new design

Twitter is rolling out a new design for its web interface just like the iOS and Android application. The official tweet says

It is already active on many profiles. In the new design, everything including the top navigation bar changed a lot and the The tweet box on the left side also changed.


The new design also have an inline compose box on the left side (as above) and also when you reply to someone it will be like below. So if you want the popuptweet box, you can still access them from the “Compose New Tweet” icon on the top right side.

reply tweet

Twitter says it is rolled out for just 1% of users, and we are one of them Smile. We had these features for days and today noticed a theme change too. So hopefully we may be one of those to get them first Smile Thank you Twitter.

Regarding the compose box on the left Ashwin says he too have that (as I told earlier we had it many days before), but the design is not updated for Ashwin. You can see it below

Ashwin - Twitter

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Have you got the new design from twitter ? What you think about the new design ? share your views with us.