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Twitter Live writer Plug-in - post to different twitter accounts

I was using Twitter Notify windows live writer plug-in to tweet after a post in my blog. It is a great plug-in. The only issue i faced was I use two twitter accounts for two different blogs, so it is difficult to switch users and enter the password and this. Some times i forget to change the user account too.

So i wrote a Live writer plug-in. The accounts, blog URL, and passwords are hard coded. can use Tiny URl or The only issue is that you will have to build it and copy the dll to the plug-in folder  of live writer (it is not an installer, visual studio 2005 solution)

on the solution properties => Build events => post build events

there is a line copy WLWtwitter.dll "D:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\Plugins\WLWtwitter.dll" change the path according to your installations (make sure that live writer is not running while you build)

changes needed

****** add reference to your Windows live writter API ****

1. URLS (check your live writter settings to know the home urls, some may ends with / and some may not)

2. Twitter user names and passwords

3. If you are using bitly username and api key

4. If you are using Tiny URl change the function call ur = getBitly(ur); to ur = getTinyUrl(ur);

You are free to use and edit this codes, no copy right issues :P

Am using it  now :) (8.53 kb)


sites that helped me

1. Windows Live Writer SDK 

2. Windows Live Writer Plugin - Adding an icon 


you may can have look on  to see how to add references and something more