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Truemessenger – SMS manager from True caller to keep your SMS inbox clean

Truemessenger–SMS manager from True caller

Truemessenger is from True Software, who created the famous True caller and True Dialer application. They have a database of 100 million members. When you receive a message from an unknown number Truemessenger will display the name of the person who is using it.

If you have installed True Caller, you may be copying the number from the message to the application to find who sent it, with this application it is getting easier with a lot more features like Spam Inbox, blocking etc.

It also have Spam inbox by using it you can filter the Spam messages to a separate inbox. This is really handy if you are getting a lot of marketing messages even from the service provider and you do not want to activate DND (do not disturb) service.

Truemessenger - Spam inbox


SMS ID: Identify the sender, even contacts not in your phonebook

Block SMS: Avoid messages from unwanted numbers and contacts

Report Spam: Help the community outsmart common spammers by reporting them

Clean Inbox: Automatically sends spam messages to a separate folder

Advanced Filter Options: create customized filters with known spam keywords or number series (area codes or country codes)

The application requires Android 4.1 or higher.

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Remember you need to have a Wi-Fi or 3G connection get the things work, as the application will contact their server for the details of the phone number.

You can get the messenger from Google Play Store.