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Transmission BitTorrent Client officially released for Windows

Transmission is a very popular BitTorrent client, which has been available for Linux and Mac OS X for a long time.

Transmission Windows client

I personally, have used it on Ubuntu about 5-6 years ago, and found it to be blazing fast, than uTorrent.

But sadly, there has not been an official version for Windows, until today. There had been unofficial builds available previously, but now the developer of the Windows application, Mike Gelfand, has announced that the program now officially supports Windows computers.

According to Jordan Lee, the original developer of Transmission, the lack of Windows support was the biggest missing feature. reports TorrentFreak. The build for the Windows version can be found at the directory page, and will soon be added to the main download page.

We tested the program, and found it to work with Windows 10 64-bit without any issues. A 32-bit version, of the application, can also be found in the page linked above.

Transmission Windows client utorrent

Transmission Windows client utorrent 2

A word of warning, the Mac version of Transmission, which was available from the official website, was in the news recently for the wrong reasons. Apparently some hackers managed to hijack the build being distributed (version 2.90), and bundled in some ransomware which affected users.

Just FYI, uTorrent is riddled with ads, which makes for a good reason to jump ship to Transmission.