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Top 10 Pirated movies of 2013




Readers, starting 2014 we began a new section- Top 10 movies of the week. On a request from one of our user, today we are sharing with you the Top 10 movies of 2013. The list is estimated based on various sources including the statistics reported by public Bit Torrent trackers between 01-Jan-2013 15-December-2013.


“The Hobbit- An Unexpected Journey” tops the yearly chart with over 8 million downloads and over $1 billion in revenues at the U.S. box office. Although this adventure genre movie didn’t grossed the highest amount, it topped the charts due to the storyline and performance.


Although grossing higher than “The Hobbit- An Unexpected Journey”, at $1.2 billion in revenues at the U.S. box office, Iron Man 3 have significantly fewer downloads. This reflects that piracy may not be threatening box office revenues, nothing can be said concretely.


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Estimated Downloads

Worldwide Grosses
1 The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey 8,400,000 $1,017,003,568
2 Django Unchained


3 Fast And Furious 6


4 Iron Man 3


5 Silver Linings Playbook


6 Star Trek Into Darkness


7 Gangster Squad 7,200,000 $105,200,903
8 Now You See Me 7,000,000 $351,723,989
9 The Hangover Part 3 6,900,000 $351,000,072
10 World War Z 6,700,000 $540,007,876


PS: the above list is only an educational reference.