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The Complete Guide to Google Wave


Gina Trapani with Adam Pash have wrote Google wave guide in 8 Chapters

Chapter 1     Meet Google Wave : Find out what Google Wave is and what problems it solves.

Chapter 2     Get Started with Wave : Set up your Wave account and create your first wave.

Chapter 3     Manage Your Wave Contacts : Find and add people and groups to collaborate with in Wave.

Chapter 4     Find and Organize Waves : Tag, file, search, and filter waves.

Chapter 5     Dive Deeper into Wave :  Add rich content to your waves like maps and photo slide shows.

Chapter 6     Master Wave's Interface : Navigate Wave from the keyboard and customize your Wave interface.

Chapter 7     Wave Gadgets : Add interactive content to your waves with gadgets.

Chapter 8     Wave Bots : Automatically update the contents of your waves with bots.