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Super Mario Run for iOS to be launched on December 15th for $9.99

When Apple launched the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, there was someone who took the spotlight away for a few minutes, an Italian plumber, called Mario. Yes, Nintendo demoed the first ever official mobile game featuring Mario, with Super Mario Run. The game is an endless runner of sorts, with Mario running automatically, while you just time his jumps and moves.

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run features three modes:

World Tour - Run and jump to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, in 24 courses across 6 worlds
Toad Rally - Compete with people for hugh score, and get coins, while beeing cheered by Toads.
Kingdom Builder - Build your own unique kingdom with coins and toads you collected from Toad Rally.

Super Mario Run World TourSuper Mario Run Toad RallySuper Mario Run Kingdom Builder

Super Mario run will be released for iOS (iPhone and iPad) on December 15th for $9.99. According to Nintendo’s website the game will not have any IAPs (In App Purchases aka Micro Transactions).

Apple has partenered with Nintendo to make the game a time limited exlcusive title, after which Super Mario run will be released for Android devices.