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Super Mario Run Android version released on Google Play, here are some screenshots and info about the game

Nintendo has released the Super Mario Run Android version on the Google Play Store. And we downloaded it on our device to give it a test run. (pun intended).

Super Mario Run Android game
The game kicked us out with an error code at first, but the try again button worked, and this is because Super Mario Run is an always online game. There is an obvious sense of Deja Vu, when Bowser kidnaps Peach, and Mario knows its his job to rescue her. The music in Super Mario Run is similar to the original Mario games, with a modern touch, and offers a nostalgic experience.

  Super Mario Run plot 2 Super Mario Run plot Super Mario Run plot 3 


Super Mario Run isn't a traditional platformer. It is an auto-runner, where Mario runs automatically from left to right. He can vault over small gaps, enemies, and obstacles by himself. You only control his longer jumps. To jump simply tap the screen at the right moment, and Mario will jump.  You can make him jump higher by tapping and holding the screen. If you fall or make a mistake, use the resurrection bubble, and try again from a few seconds back. This also has a secondary use, to reach high places which are otherwise impossible to go to.  The level objective is to make Mario reach the flag (yes the good old flag), in the least amount of time possible.

When Mario is vaulting over an enemy (basically a frog leap), tap the screen and he will jump higher. You can also jump on walls and quickly tap the screen to make Mario jump across the opposite wall. This is essential in some areas.

Each level has 5 pink coins which appear at ground or higher levels, and collecting them all gives a nice bonus (usually Toad Rally tickets). Collecting all five pink coins unlocks 5 purple coins, and collecting 5 of those unlocks 5 black coins.  So you need to beat each level thrice to get all 15 coins.

Super Mario Run jump Super Mario Run jump higher Super Mario Run game Super Mario Run jump vault Super Mario Run jump wall Super Mario Run pink coinsSuper Mario Run flag 

You collect normal coins and Toad Rally tickets, and can use them to build your kingdom in the Kingdom Builder mode.

Super Mario Run has three modes in it:

  • World Tour - Story Mode
  • Kingdom Builder- Build buildings and manage a kingdom,
  • Toad Rally – a PvP mode (against a asynchronous ghost player) where the player who collects most coins, and does more stylish jumps wins. The toads you collect are sent to your kingdom, and which also levels up your castle.

Bonus Mode – Playable every 4 hours, which lets you collect coins, and Toad Rally tickets. You can unlock and play as  Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Yosh in any of the game modes.

Super Mario Run kingdom builder 2 Super Mario Run unlock characters   

Does Super Mario Run on a rooted phone?

Yes it does, at least on my Redmi Note 3 running on Lineage OS. I do have Magisk installed, and have Magisk Hide enabled, but the game itself is unchecked in the settings. Though Magisk says SafetyNet failed: CTS profile mismatch, the game runs fine for me.

Can I play Super Mario Run offline?

No, you need a network connection to play. The game also syncs every now and then to save your progress, so it is unlikely that the game will ever be made available offline. You don't have to sign into your Nintendo account to play though.

 Super Mario Run no offline

How much does Super Mario Run cost?

It costs Rs. 800 to unlock the full game, which you can play without In-App Purchases. That is around $12.23. In the US, it costs $9.99.

Super Mario Run IAP bonus Super Mario Run IAP unlock

Super Mario Run is free to play (some modes) and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

I have to admit, even though the “auto-runner concept” did sound boring for a Mario game, the music and actually getting to play the game was quite a bit of fun.