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SugarSync to discontinue free service, will switch to paid model from February 8, 2014

Cloud storage service providers SugarSync, have announced that they are switching to a paid model service in February 2014.

SugarSync Logo 2

This means that all existing free accounts using the service will be shut down.

New users can try a 90 day trial of SugarSync with 5GB trial storage space or a 30 day trial with upwards of 60GB storage.

SugarSync CEO Mike Grossman said,

There are many companies in this space that are giving away free storage, however, most of these companies will not be viable. We are already in a solid financial position and this shift will further strengthen our business. Also, this change will allow us to better serve loyal customers and expand our service offerings. We’re excited about the next stage in our growth and confident that our customers and new users alike will achieve greater value through these enhancements.

Here is a comparison chart of the available plans.

SugarSync Plans

You can view more details at their website.

So, if you have any important data stored at SugarSync in your free account, we suggest you download them to a local storage and/or transfer them to another online storage service, like DropBox or Wuala, as soon as possible.

via: Press Release