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Steam Launched In-Built Game Recording Feature: How to Record and Share Your Gameplay Footage


Credit: Steam

Steam has just launched a beta version of its new game recording feature, bringing a wave of excitement to the gaming community. This tool allows gamers to effortlessly capture their gameplay, mark key moments, and share their content. Here’s how you can get started and make the most of this fantastic feature.

Joining the Beta Program

Since this feature is currently in beta, you’ll need to join the Steam Beta Program to access it. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Steam client and go to “Settings.”
  2. Navigate to the “Account” tab and click on “Change” under “Beta participation.”
  3. Select “Steam Beta Update” and restart your client.
Main Features
1. Record: Capture Every Moment

The recording feature offers both background recording and Record on Demand(Manually) and it provide a timeline with event markers. Key moments such as kills, deaths, and achievements are automatically marked as game-added markers. You can also manually add markers at any point, known as player-added markers. This allows you to highlight the most significant parts of your gameplay for easy reference later.

2. Replay: Relive Your Highlights

The replay feature lets you quickly watch what happened during your game. Whether you want to analyze your performance, revisit a crucial moment, or simply enjoy your achievements, the replay function makes it easy.

3. Clip: Edit Your Gameplay

Editing your recordings has never been easier. The clip feature allows you to trim your footage and keep only the segments you need. This is particularly useful for creating content for social media, as you can cut out the unnecessary parts and focus on the highlights.

4. Share: Show the World

Sharing your clips is straightforward with Steam’s new feature. You can share your edited clips directly to various social media platforms or save them to your local storage or PC. This ensures your best moments reach your audience quickly and easily.

How to Save and Share Your Clips

Saving and sharing your gameplay clips is simple with the new Steam recording feature. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Save Footage as a Clip: During or after gameplay, save your footage along with the timeline information as a clip. This clip can be watched, edited, shared, or exported later.

  2. Save as MP4: Convert your selected recording to an MP4 format. This makes it easy to share anywhere, whether on social media or with friends.

  3. Send to Another Device: You can send a clip from one device to another. For example, you can transfer footage from your Steam Deck to your desktop PC.

  4. Use the Steam Mobile App or QR Code: Send an MP4 via the Steam Mobile App or generate a QR code for easy sharing.

  5. Create a Temporary Steam Link: Generate a temporary link to your MP4 video, making it accessible to others without permanent hosting.


Credit: Steam

Tips for Optimal Recording
  • Use a Separate Hard Drive: Save your recordings on a separate hard drive to prevent performance issues during gameplay.
  • Adjust Graphics Settings: Lower your game’s graphics settings if you experience lag while recording.
  • Monitor System Performance: Keep an eye on your system’s performance to ensure smooth recording.

This new feature makes it easier than ever to capture, edit, and share your gaming experiences. Whether you’re creating content for social media, sharing with friends, or just saving your best moments, Steam’s game recording tool is a game-changer. Happy recording!

For more detailed information, visit the Steam Game Recording page.