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Startup Village at Kochi worlds second tech incubator to get 1 Gbps internet connection

Startup Village at Kochi becomes second place in the world to introduce 1 Gbps

Download high definition movies with in 30 seconds ? yeah After United states The 1Gbps internet connection is available at Cochin.

Startup Village at Kochi will be the worlds second tech incubator to get 1Gbps internet connection after Kansas City in the United States.

The facility was formally introduced on November 17 by Kerala Chief Minister Shri Oommen Chandy, giving a shot in the arm to Startup Village for its mission to churn out world-class startups from Indian campuses.

“We are not behind Silicon Valley. Our youngsters also are privy to the best available connectivity” said Startup Village chairman Mr Sanjay Vijayakumar.

What is startup village ?

Startup Village aims to incubate 1,000 product start ups over 10 years and start the search for a billion dollar company from a college campus by turn of this decade. Startup Village will create an ecosystem and provide a platform for start-ups to create breakthrough technologies for the global telecommunications industry. Startup Village will focus primarily on student startups from college campuses.

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