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Startup Sentinel - Control the startup programs

Startup Sentinel Faster and more secure startup

Startup Sentinel is a free software which will help you to manage the startup processes. It detects the new startup entries and helps you to can decide whether to approve reject or black list the program. Managing the startup programs will increase the speed of your computer boot up considerably.


While installing make sure you give permission only for the needed ones. On the following Screen you may Decline it after reading it.

Installation not needed

On the first loading after installation, it will ask whether you need to load it on every startup or not.

Startup Sentinel starting

It will display the startup entries.  You can choose an item and choose an action to Add to whitelist, Add to Blacklist, Remove to customize your startup entries.

Startup Sentinel Startup manager 

You can read more and download this utility for free - KC Softwares Startup Sentinel