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Stardew Valley 1.1 update adds 4 new farm locations, and a ton of new features

If you have played classic farm life simulation games like Harvest Moon, you are probably aware of a PC game based on it called, Harvest Moon. We are big fans of the game, and have put in about 50 hours in it, and that will likely increase thanks to the latest update.

Stardew valley Standard Farm

Stardew Valley 1.1 update was released today, and it adds a ton of new features. The most notable additions are 4 new farm locations.

  • Riverland Farm – Lots of water, good for fishing.
  • Forest Farm – Foraging opportunities and a unique weed that always drops mixed seeds.
  • Hill-top Farm – Has a small mineral deposit from which ores spawn, including a unique geode-bearing ore.
  • Wilderness Farm – Monsters spawn at night.

Stardew valley wilderness FarmStardew valley hilltop FarmStardew valley forest FarmStardew valley riverland Farm

Of course, you can play in the original farm too. But the bad news is, you have to start a new game to play in one of the new locations. You have to select the farm map at character creation, and be aware that each have its own skill requirement to manage. Hardwood right outside your doorstep is cool, but the limited spacing is quite a pain.The same can be said about fending off monsters early in the game.

Stardew valley wilderness Farm 2Stardew valley hilltop Farm 2Stardew valley forest Farm 2Stardew valley riverland Farm 3Stardew valley riverland Farm 2Stardew valley wilderness Farm

NPC characters, Shane and Emily are now eligible for marriage, and feature their own events, music, etc. Speaking of spouses, they all have unique behaviour on and off the farm.

There are several new constructions including a new shed which can be used for storage/decor, a mill which can make flour from wheat, or sugar from beets overnight.  The Wizard's Tower has a new quest which begins when you enter the Railroad section, after completing the Bundle quest line in either the Community Center or JojaMart. This lets you build new magical constructions including, permanent warp totems for the Mountain and Beach areas, a Gold Clock which is a prevention for weed spawning and fence decaying, and the cute little magical rats, aka Juminos, can now assist you in harvesting crops with the Junimo Hut.

The carpenter/architect, Robin, now lets you move buildings from her construction menu. Also available from Robin is a cellar addition to your house which also adds the cask crafing recipe. The cellar and casks can be used for aging cheese and alcohol, to increase their quality.

Similarly, aged goods, fruit, forage items allows for the Iridium-star level quality, which results in the item value doubling. Quality level also plays a role in gifts you give to NPCs. Caffeine lovers will find that stardew Valley now lets you make coffee, with the new spring/summer crop, the Coffee Bean. You need to use the Keg to make coffee, or mead (with honey). There are several more additions, and bug fixes, which Stardew Valley 1.1 update brings.

Stardew Valley 1.1 Launch Trailer

Read more at the official website, where the full change log has been posted by the developer.