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Something “Pretty Amazing” is coming to Windows Phone, according to a Microsoft Engineer

It is raining Windows Phone news here at Geekiest, and here is one more drop which will make you curious.

Jerry Berg Senior Software Developer Test - Microsoft

One of Microsoft’s employees, Jerry Berg, who works a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test for the company says, something “"pretty amazing is coming to Windows Phone.

He wouldn’t give more information about it, not even a Timetable, probably because of a Non Disclosure Agreement, which all OEMs happen to impose on their employees, to prevent leaks. (Like that’s going to work)

This is what he said in a podcast with LockerGnome,

“Something is going to happen in the windows phone space, which is going to upset the entire world across everything.” And at the end says, “Wait for it, its going to be pretty amazing.

You can watch the full video podcast here, or the comment portion in the video embedded below.

WMPowerUser speculates that the “amazing”  thing could be 3D Touch on Nokia’s upcoming device, the Nokia McLaren. The 3D touch is actually a gesture system, which would allow the user to control the phone without even touching the display, and instead uses sensors for various functions.

What do you think will be the big surprise from Microsoft?