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Some Free games for you Android - Valentines Day special


Here some games free for your android, on this valentine’s day.

Free Android Game - Smurfs Village

Smurfs' Village - For a limited time get some free smurfberries to help you in the game. Also, buy smurfberries and get an Android with a valentine gift.

Free Android Game - Bag it

Bag It! Lite - Shop for love with this cute and engaging arcade-style falling shape game featuring custom Valentine's Day stuff to stack.

Free Android Game - Theme Park

Theme Park - Feel the rush and excitement of having your own personalized amusement park and save on super tickets to have fun faster.

Free Android Game - Brightwood Adventures

Brightwood Adventures - The Valentine's Day spirit shines through Brightwood with new quests, special gear and a sale on premium currency.

Free Android Game -Star Girl

Star Girl - Look your best and shop at a new special clothing store, available only on Google Play through February 16th!

Free Android Game -Bakery Story

Bakery Story: Valentine's Day - Indulge your sweet tooth with new recipes, get cool new decorations, play matchmaker for family and more.

Free Android Game -Style Starlet

Style Starlet - Show your style and increase your red-carpet profile with ease using the limited time in-game cash discounts.

Free Android Game -Galaxy Empire

Galaxy Empire - Take a pause in your drive to conquer the Galaxy and enjoy a free Valentine's Day present - enjoy the privileges of power.

Free Android Game -Save the Puppies

Save the Puppies - Solve cute puzzles and show your love for puppies by rescuing some of the cutest critters you've ever seen in this Valentine's puzzler.

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