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Soluto - Application to analyze windows startup

Soluto is an application which can analyze the startup time and process of Windows 7,  and allow the users to easily remove all unwanted programs on the startup to make the Windows boot faster.

Download and install the application from here, after the installation you may choose to reboot or to wait till next reboot. (The download page is having a very clear details about the installation)


After the reboot open the Soluto, and it will show the application status on the startup, like which all applications can be removed , and which all cannot be.


You can easily remove the items from the startup (which is marked as No-brainer in green)


Soluto will record the boot activity on each startup and will keep a history of your boot time. you can analyze the biit time and can easily find that what is changed which made the windows boot time higher.

This application is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 bit and 64 bit)

Soluto Beta allows you to understand your boot, discover which applications are slowing it down (and keep running later in the background, affecting your ongoing experience), and allows you to significantly improve it. While Soluto Beta focuses on the boot, it already researches for frustrations and helps map the PC Genome, and allows you to share your wisdom with others.

Watch this video for for information.


Soluto - How to use Soluto Beta from Soluto on Vimeo.