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Smart Watch – Do it Yourself

Open source Do it yourself smart watch

Smart watches are the new smart things to wear now, and most companies are planning at least one product in this market. You may be heard of Samsung Galaxy Gear, or Pebble.  If you can’t afford one or you are interested in creating one yourself here is a cool article which will tell you how to create an open source do it yourself smart watch.

Things you need to have

Arduino micro-controller

Bluetooth module

Smart watch Display



Soldering iron


10K ohm resistance

Watch a working demo here

RetroWatch Specifications:

Processor : ATmega328 – 3.3v(8MHz)

32KB Flash (2KB is shared for Bootloader)



Size : Width x Height x Depth = 34mm x 32mm x 12mm (Not packaged)

Battery : LiPo 140mAh (idle time 6-7hrs, 1-2hrs for recharging)

Connecting with Android app

Supports notification, system info, RSS feed

Message filtering

Open source

Here is the step by step instruction on Instructables