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Smart Home Devices That Function Well With The iPhone

Smart Home Devices That Function Well With The iPhone

Smart home technology is an opportunity for consumers to move beyond the experience of the smartphone screen, into automated technology that facilitates them as consumers. With the emergence of internet-connected devices where everyone and everything is linked together, not only does the opportunity to engage increase but with technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence, the room for companies to deliver a more personalized experience is immense.

And because most things can be controlled from a gadget that people carry in their pockets already, the creators of these smart devices aren’t required to imbue their goods with extraordinary algorithms or rely on expensive controllers. They understand the technological parameters and capabilities of the leading smartphone platforms like the iPhone to aid their decisions.

That’s why an increasing number of offerings around smart devices are surfacing to help consumers address everyday tasks and problems. iPhone users, for instance, can utilize the functionality of the following smart home devices:

1. August Smart Lock

Want to keep your house safe from intruders, but allow easy access to family and friends? August smart lock is the ultimate solution for your needs. It senses when your iPhone is nearby and is enabled accordingly. The smart lock relies on a Bluetooth signal rather than creating a geofence, so when the smartphone is near, it connects and unlocks. The iPhone app for August smart lock also enables you to unlock and lock doors, so you can keep a log of who enters your residence at all times.

You can see alternatives and upcoming solutions for smart of security by keeping tabs on Internet of things resources. For instance, ZDNet recently reported that Alphabet’s Nest is developing an affordable version of its flagship thermostat product – Nest – along with a set of new security products from home. The cheaper model of Nest is said to have affordable components and could arrive without the metal edges. Going through IoT resources, as explained, could help you save money on smart home investments.

2. Philips Hue Lights

The Philips Hue Lights starter kit comes with a Hue Bridge hub and 2 bulbs. iPhone owners can control the lighting by downloading the Phillips Hue app from the App Store. The Hue Bridge will work with an Internet Router, and it also needs to be plugged into the wall using the power cable. iPhone users then connect the Bridge with the Hue app on their iDevices, ensuring that the Bridge is completely powered and connected with WiFi.

The app will also be used to search the bulbs and connect to them. The Home screen will automatically display the name of the lights inside the app and place them in your favorites. Choose the bulbs you want to control, and either hold or tap or 3D Touch the accessory to see color and brightness options. You can then control the lighting according to your preference.

3. Sonos:Play:1

As the name indicates, this smart device is all about music. An entry level addition to Sonos’ diverse family of WiFi sound systems, the Sonos:Play1 has a decent sound for its relatively small size, and, just as other models of Sonos devices, is capable of streaming music from Google Play Music, Pandora, Spotify, SiriusXM, Amazon Prime Music, and other major services.

You just need to have the Sonos’ iPhone app on your handset. The model is also a gateway to syncing and hooking up with other devices of the company, provided that you’ve put thought into building a wireless home audio system. Sonos:Play1 is nice to have around whether you’re a music junkie or the usual listener.

Use your iPhone to get the most out of these smart home devices.